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Platen type screen changer

The hydraulic screen changers appeal to a traditional but demanding audience. Designed for high production or recycling extrusion lines, due to ongoing technical development, have reached a high degree of ergonomics. The high reliability and durability testify to the quality of this product, which meets the diverse needs, with excellent results even in the most difficult and challenging situations. Available with filtering areas from Ø 80 to Ø 300 mm. units are equipped with a new protection system which allows better access to the sliding plate during screen replacement, and a new wiring system that allows rapid intervention in case of maintenance.

The JSB PLATENT TYPE Hydraulic Screen Changer allows for filtration of most polymers with minimum disruption during a screen change. JSB Hydraulic Screen Changers feature a pressure activated seal that not only seals to 500 bar, it eliminates degradation and gels caused in other slide plate type screen changers. JSB Hydraulic Screen Changers are designed to withstand extreme temperatures and filter highly sensitive compounds.

  • Filters out contaminants

    Simple and easy changeover

    Minimal machine downtime

    Easier access and less interference for the operator

    Extruder screw may be pulled through the screen changer without removal

    Guards are truly safe protecting operator from mechanical and burn injury

    Slide Plate heater design means less maintenance

    Design meets most applications without costly options

    Improvements equate to lower installed and operating costs

  • Reprocess granules



    Master batch







    Pipe and profile

    High pressure

    Blown film and cast film

    Degradable materials

    Blow molding


[A] Manually operated:

{1} Regular (Non continuous) screen changer:
Lever type screen changer Plunger type screen changer Platen type screen changer
{2} Continuous screen changer:
Self cleaning screen changer Normal continuous screen changer

[B] Hydraulic operated:

{1} Regular (Non continuous) screen changer:
Platen type screen changer Plunger type screen changer
{2} Continuous screen changer:
Cassette type screen changer Double platen type screen changer Double plunger screen changer